Winter scenes

Just when you think you can’t take the cold for one more minute, you can be awed by beauty and forget all about how uncomfortable you are. Sometimes, you just need to change your perspective and things are OK again.

1401_front icicles winter 2013-14

1401_2_front icicles winter 2013-14 2

front door_christmas 2013

door knocker

There is beauty inside and out. We just need to notice it.


The one chair that is supposed to be off limits to the cat is, of course, the one he chose for his winter nap.

sleeping charlie

Where do you find your winter beauty?

Green Hat

I crocheted a hat yesterday, using a Merino Superwash blend by simplicity. The pattern had to be reworked on the fly since this yarn is a bit thinner than what I’ve used in the past. The dark green will eventually be a blanket, but I felt that I needed a smaller project for some immediate gratification.



Yes, my crafting table really is that messy. You can see the turquoise peeking out from the gray and green. I’m thinking this will make a gorgeous striped hat.





I started by crocheting a round (or mostly round) circle. Once the circle was about 4 inches across, I started to bring it down to form the hat shape. Since this yarn is fairly thin, I had to decrease every 5 stitches for the first row to get the correct size. I had a few do-overs until I got it looking hat-like, but then I was on my way.






And a few short hours later, I had made a hat!






It is sized to fit a newborn, but will need to be rolled up, which means that there will be room to grow.




A little bumpy and irregular perhaps, but hey, who isn’t!


Now, back to the green blanket I am making for my mother-in-law…


Blank Canvas Syndrome


Starting with a blank canvas can be daunting, but you have to start somewhere.  I came across a large amount of yarn and fabric that belonged to my husband’s grandmother, a very skilled crocheter and seamstress. It was like coming across buried treasure.

I stared at for a while, in awe of all the color and possibility.

But then, the pressure, what do I do with it?

I decided I would start creating gifts for family members using her yarn and fabric. My go-to infant hat pattern is the knitted newborn hat from Dana at MADE. There you have it! One project down, endless ones to go. Here’s to many more blank canvasses!